Nigerian Man Shows-off His Hot Body in Controversial Photos Gone Viral

A young Facebook user from Rivers state, identified as Victor Poko Johnson, has just attempted to break the internet by releasing some controversial photos, on social media, where he was seen completely n*ked in the bed.

He captioned the photos; “Spin it, spin it hard, spin it the way you spin it on ur boo, Cool Evening… thinking east… Thinkinh osha & Awka.”

As the photo made the rounds online, it generated alot of media reactions and criticisms. A commenter, queenzy1455 wrote, “Lolssss I don’t see anything wrong with this pix cause he did not show off his dick,,, u all re insulting him cuz his not a Celebrity…. If it was all dis celeb nw d comments will b different.”

Another commenter, iamwitti wrote; “What I want to know is who took the pictures? Is it a girl, his girlfriend perhaps, or a guy? Wanna show off abs? By all means go ahead but what happened to “sports pants”?”

Realberry4sure wrote; “I don’t know if its poverty that is causing this stupid attention seeking by guys,men have really devalued themselves really sad.”

While xokalled said; “If it was a female now you will be seeing comments like “hot!, nice, this that” society and double standards.”

Another, kcnaija wrote; “All the ladies, get in here. It’s not only you people that know how to show us your naked bodies. Flaunt it boy.”

Awwalhalima concluded; “Why is there no dislike on instagram? Must you like everything? This guy is already mad. Sincerely.”


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