Lady cries out for help after man locked up her sister in jail for crime she didn’t commit

Cry for help. Dear yabaleft

My name’s are Otuokere Ifunanya Rosemary I need ur help posting this massage for rescue cause my family is in big problem that might lead us into jail. This is my cousin sister pic she was staying in Anambra with her parents things were really hard for them so we ask her to come join us in Lagos to start work to help her family.

This was 2016 she got a job at a beer depot where she worked as a cashier. Everything was going fine She was assisting her family with the little she gets(16k) so she plan to go for her clearance September next month. But something terrible happen, As her boss opened new branch along badagry seme road.

They post her there as their cashier everyday she comes home late by (11) or she will call to tell us that she can’t come home cause they are offloading drinks nd nobody can leave. all this happened within two months of the New place, but she kept on going cause of her plans .

Early this month August on Saturday after selling she kept all the money were they usually keep which is the lock safe nd close cause they don’t operate on Sundays. On arrival on Monday they saw the safe out side broken nd the office open nd the security guard no where to be found. The owner of the beer depot has put my sister in cell since last week.

My widow mom has been crying since going up nd down for help. We are poor to meet the lawyers fees cause my mom sell tomatoes nd things has been so hard for us to feed. To top it all my mom brother had leg poison so he came to stay with us cause there is a place in badagry where they treat things like that.

So it so hard to feed . My junior that is working with him he fired him cause of these issue without pay for last month Please yabaleft I am posting this with tears 😭in my heart nd eyes please help us to post it for anybody that can help us please.

God bless you endlessly. To contact please call +2348136241311 or 2348131138060


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