Hate speech: APC will get as good as they dished out to others over the last few years- FFK says

The former Minister of Aviation took to his Facebook page to react to plans by the Federal government to treat hate speech as an act of terrorism. Yesterday, Osinbajo announced the plan by the Federal government during the NationalEconomic meeting in Abuja yesterday. Osinbajo says this is hypocritical of the government. Read his post below

“APC thrived on hate speech between 2014-2015. Today, that seed they sowed is haunting them, they now say it’s terrorism. Hypocrites!”- Jackson Ude, Pointblank News

Hypocrites indeed! Yet lions pay no heed when goats bleat and when cattle murmur. Dragons lose no sleep when the cock begins to crow.

Whichever way they want to play it, whatever they do and whatever they say the APC will get as good as they dished out to others over the last few years.

We are not intimidated by their threats and their attempt to intimidate and silence us. Resisting tyranny and evil is a divine obligation.

We must shed our fears and we must never forget that the Lord is with us. We must never forget that even though they may have today, we have tomorrow.

We must be focused, we must be strong and we must be bold knowing that we serve a God who is mighty in battle and who never fails.

He is the El Shaddai and the Elohim. He is the Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.

He is the Lord of Hosts, the God of the Armies of Israel and the Ancient of Days.

He is our shield, our glory and the lifter of our heads. He is awesome in battle and His banner over us is love.

With Him, victory is ours and our enemies shall be brought to heel and crushed under our feet like the desert dust.

We go forth in battle formations in the name of Yahweh and Jehova the Most High, knowing that sweet victory and victory alone awaits us!


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