Bodybuilder Dies After Breaking His Neck While Doing Backflip (Video)

Sifiso Thabete, a South African bodybuilder has died after landing on his head in a botched backflip caught on camera.
According to a The Sun UK report, Sifiso Thabete broke his neck after trying to perform the trick at a competition in South Africa.
The over-75kg world champion had been playing to the crowd before a contest on Saturday.
He was filmed stepping onto the mat before gesturing to the crowd and launching himself into the air.
But he was unable to flip over and instead landed on his head in the horror footage being shared online.
His trademark move had been performed during his recent victorious performance at the junior under-23 IFBB Muscle Mulisha Grand Prix.
Mr Thabete’s funeral was held on Wesnesday.
Heartbroken friend Martin Cooper said: “We always miss you”.
Watch a video of the sad incident below:


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