Your bodies have cellulite and stretch marks – 46 year old Nigerian woman blasts people criticising her choice of outfit

Firstly, what is wrong with what she is wearing? Do you guys think it is inappropriate?

A 46-year-old Instagram celebrity known as Havilahdivas is being criticised for her choice of outfit as some of her followers opined that it is inappropriate for a woman her age. The mother of three who was having none the insults, replied them saying it’s her body and her choice. Read her post below.

Reports coming to me!!!! That I offended some people by showing too much skin..
Is it your skin or your mother’s skin?

I put it to you dear Haters that the real thing paining your brains are;

1, You’re not as HOT as me.(46yrs plus Too much sauce)
2, You bodies have cellulite and stretch marks.
3,The yams at the back of your legs are nasty looking so u cant open them
4,Your bully husbands won’t even allow u because you’re in
5,Your confidence level is minus 0.
So deal with your nasty bodies and leave mine alone.
When I remember what you feel about me I suddenly remember what God feels about me I quickly trash yours for lawma to pack to be burnt..
#IamTwb Deal..
Posting a Dance in this outfit out..


And the kid sister to my Ex by name Diamond Kelly on FB is here parading herself on my On wall, lolz?????.

I understand their plight right now, but unfortunately am not stopping dear , so go ahead and cry more.

Or you guys put out your own stories too, am awaiting and am ready for it.

This your yelling Diamond reminded me of his elder brother’s act , when he was busy doing the part 1 of the movie and my sisters and good friends were busy jumping upandan like you are doing right now , so as to quench the heat but he never headed , he was catching his fun but guess what he will receive double fold of what he started .

Am Okibe Olivia a proud ex to your brother, and am glad am doing what am doing and I won’t stop .

Am not doing it to Pain him or for revenge , am way too kind to be messy moreover God is already doing my vengeance for

So am only doing it for the likes of me (every lady on this platform ) they need to learn from my experience .

That’s all

So kid sister ex inlaw , keep mumuing yourself because it calls for it.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s blog


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