Young mother sells her 2-month-old baby for food in Imo state | Photos

A 20-year-old mother identified as Chioma Fidelis has been arrested by the police in Imo state for selling her two-month-old child for half a bag of rice, cement, six chairs and N200,000.

The young woman was arrested alongside her accomplice who sold the baby to a couple desperately in need of a male child. According to the accomplice identified as Chidimma Unakalamba, she sold the baby to a couple, Mr and Mrs Jonas Anyanwu.

Unakalamba during an interrogation by the police confessed that she sold the baby to the Anyanwus for N600,000.

The couple, however, claimed that they bought the child for N700,000 from the suspect who later confessed that she deducted a sum of N137,00 for the baby’s medical bills. She also claimed that she paid N200,000 to the baby’s mother and kept the rest for herself.

She also claimed that her baby was suffering from Kwashiokor and that she had no means to take care of the both of them. The baby Favour Fidelis has been recovered from Mr and Mrs Jonas Anyanw.


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