Wizkid Blast Davido Again (See What He Wrote)

The beef between Davido and Wizkid is official as Wizkid Blasts Davido in new tweet that’s currently trending.

Yesterday, Davido dropped a new song ‘Summer Body’ with Olamide in which he dissed Wizkid.

With our Yankee passport/Dem say we local/You better catch up/I go see you later,” Davido sang, referencing Wizkid’s previous shade where the Starboy branded him a local artist.

Now, Wizkid is not holding back in his reply to the song lyrics, he took to Micro-blogging website, twitter to fire back.

My people make una remember say Yankee passport no be baba blue, e no dey cure frog voice,” said the Come Closer singer in one savage tweet that has gotten everyone talking.

Davido drops shade as Wizkid prepares to drop his EP…

The messy beef started weeks ago, after Davido’s brother, Adewale Adeleke, who has a penchant for being a loudmouth dissed Wizkid by calling Canadian singer The Weeknd’s music. “The Real Starboy”.

Wizkid unfollowed Davido on social media shortly after that, and the OBO retialiated by unfollowing the Starboy, too.

After this tweet, Wizkid is currently trending on Twitter and we are wondering what’s the next stage of their beef. Anther Drake vs Meek Mill?


  1. beef or no beff na their mata be DAT who una help with the money una make via the beef beef ON BROTHERS MAKE WE DEY PAY dey go oluwa is involved. @ wiz-dav

  2. I like this guys, abeg make Una stop this beef cos I love u guys music.
    these are my favorite
    wizkid, Davido, Cy savage and Tubaba

  3. Let them just stop that once and for all and start the change we have been talking about okay not kicking each other’s ass any more

  4. wizkid and Davido are friend’s
    ( 1 ) wizkid is dey number one in music in Nigeria.
    ( 2 ) Davido is also one of dey best music in Nigeria.]>>>>>>©©®®®™@

  5. guys you are too big for this not the stage you both have gone too today you have to be doing all this guys I so much believe that some day you both are going to solve all this out together I like you both as the most young artist of this planet guys please do all you can to show you are a man to come together once again

  6. It hurts seeing Wizkid and Davido in a constant fight. You guys ought to be friends and not enemies.please make up now.

  7. wizkid please stop embarrassing yourself, try humble and be loyal, you make noise too much, are you not seeing 2baba? psquare and the rest how much do you have??

  8. I plead that u guys should stop fighting each other continue Hw u are doing before and God will be with two of you

  9. The rate of weed smoking in these two young unfortunate stars has really invade Dia membrane, so why won’t they loud,someone really need to come to their aid, please blogger give us reasonable news, not the stories of these two kids, no wonder one of their names ends with #KID!

  10. u guys hv to be careful the way una dey fight this days ,una be the same language same mate and God dey bless una every were I go Na so I dey hear una name wizkid and davido make una dey together forever okay

  11. Wizkid is 100 percent beta Dan the crack voice or wot Eva davido, he should respect him self bcoz he is stil very much a kid..

  12. That’s good reply @wizkid…. You gat to tell him his just a growing up kid, he should respect the elder… Onibaje. Infact Tom Tom no fit clear frog voice o…..Elah at davido…

  13. I think Davido and Wizkid are behaving childish by insulting themselves on social media instead of sitting down like adults and settle it

  14. Ehy bosses shy na wetn Una suppose de do be that me de here de hustle Una no de think about how una go take sign me fuck ya heater

  15. No give up wizkid ur star will remain 4ever I dey feel u always and that is why you be starboy kids also know u as a star

  16. wizkid you should give your self brain, in class your not better than davido, money, etc at least you should go with your size and not with people you know will bring your career down, let leave Davido our of this , and how dare u face tekno of all people , u good of a nothing, u think ur funny by saying all the silly things dude, just go for comedy , so u can add that with your money, Lols f u …..

  17. Wizkid can you face tekno and Davido? Bcos of the little money u have then you are trying to embarrass and decriminate someone. you called Davido and tekno a name. are u better than them? just go and shoot comedy so that people will laugh is not by saying rubish ok.

  18. davido is jst too proud he tnks money is everytin.leave our daddy yo alone all of ona wen tlk say wizkid jst dey start neva c ntin

  19. jezboi you dnt need 2 saying dat 2 wizkid istead 2 say dat make dem 2 4get about diz izzue bcos u are davido fans dat was bad

  20. Pls guys settle your beef, this tin is getting u no where.
    Life is not all about the money, fame, or whatsoever, and it is not all about how you start but how you finish. pls guys settle your beef maturely and stop all the embarrassment you doing to yourself.
    lets move naija forward, and the way to that is not by fighting each other.
    To my number one celebrity WIZKID be mature. Love ya

    • all of una no sabi write..no correct sentences…una just dey write rubbish…bunch of illiterates….thunder fire all of una…no wan go school among una….animals

  21. D fact dat a son is bigger dan his father dosen’t mean dat he is older dan his father,so devido catch yr level and stop disgracing niegers.


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