Three Things You nEdd To Know About E Money!

We all know E-money, the boss of Five Star music and several other Five star businesses. He is also the brother of popular Limpopo crooner Kcee.

Recently, many have started doubting the source of his wealth and recentky when Kcee called on the EFCC to zoom in their lenses on Hushpuppi, many called for the same act on E-money.

E-money has a name that clearly spells money, apparently you know your own worth and you are not scared to let others know.

hese are the three things you probably never knew about E-money, or maybe you just never paid attention.

His Style: E-money prefers to step out in a complete Yoruba native attire; the ‘Agbada’ plus the cap. A total Yoruba business man wealthy look. That has been his signature for a while now. You would hardly find E-money step out in a shirt like many of his friends and colleagues, he already has this signature style.

His Security: Nigeria is presently not the safest place to live in whether you are rich or poor, but one thing we noticed about E-money is his retinue of bodyguards. E-money often steps out with well suited men with the usual dark glasses and hefty looking policemen. Sometimes we wonder if he is a public official like a Senator and not just a wealthy civilian.

His wealth: This man loves luxury. He lives gold, he loves flamboyance and these can be seen in everything around him. Marble floors, golden furniture, branded cars and all that! You probably didn’t know this but E-money also has a luxurious office in London where he carries out his business.

According to Kcee, the source of his brother’s wealth is pure, an outcome of his perseverance and hard work.



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