Singer Iyanya’s Old Friend ‘don Saint’ Comes For His Evil Intentions Post

Hours after singer Iyanya tweeted some controversial tweets about friendship, which went viral yesterday, one of his old friend before his fame, by name, Don Saint has called him out, telling him to tell the world the truth…

Read what Don Saint posted on his Instagram page.

“Dear @iyanya it will be better for you to remove the evil intentions, and tell the world the truth, they will understand for sure. . . .

Someone very close to you back in the days, advised you to always change your friends like…. Or are the people that helped you become Iyanya also evil? . . .

Well, this confirms what I told @ubifranklintriplemg years ago. When he was acting like Buhari’s nephew.

You have your life to live though, but I hope yours with @donjazzy lasts longer… keep holding on though!”

Don Saint and Iyanya lived together back in Calabar, when he (Don saint) was a dj at Mirage hotel, and Iyanya the karaoke boy.

Source: Report Naija


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