See Man Does With A Tray On His Head While Riding ‘Okada’

A Facebook user, Ayue Mc Lucas Andrew, has shared photos of a young man, who hawks and at the same time rides bike.

The young man represents a trademark of dedication and progress.

In the pictures, the man is seen hawking with a ray on his head while he rides his bike popularly called ‘Okada’ and has since been receiving all the accolades he deserves, after this post was shared on Facebook.

Ayue wrote:

“He does this every year during this season. Ever since I knew him with a Jincheng motorcycle, now it’s Honda.
The God I serve will surely not let your struggle go in vein.”

man hawks





Someone then commented:

This boi don grow in mkd wit this business I trust him he has the spirit of a strong man in him using byki wit a tray on his head kaiii kaiii everywhere around mkd haba clap him u too much
I saw him day bfor yestday nyt making call wit his tray on his head riding his byki one hand kaii this picking too sabi

man hawks

Source: Yabaleftonline


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