Pretty Girl Traumatized After Surviving Two Separate R*pe Attacks, Shares Her Story (Photo)

A young South African girl by name Rakgadi Boips has narrated how she survived separate r*pe attacks which left her traumatized. The woman took to Twitter to share her shocking experience.

She wrote: “This morning I had to fight off 3 guys who tried raping me with a broken Heineken bottle. My jeans are covered in blood. So is my phone. If it wasn’t for Thabang locating me so quickly I’d be dead. I ran almost 6km in heels to safety guys.
The guy who also offered me a lift also tried raping me. I’ll never feel safe ever again. I thought I was going to die. I held onto that broken bottle until Thabang picked me up. I never thought this would ever happen to me. Now imagine those boys all raped me and I got an STD and couldn’t go back to China and finish my degree. Thank you for the messages guys. I’ll reply to them later. I’d just like to rest a bit.
I cried the whole ride home. He even stopped at a garage and tried comforting me for almost an hour. God bless him. I’ll never be the same again. Still can’t believe I made it out alive. 3 knives vs one broken bottle and I got away. It was all God.”


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