Heavy Rainfall Kills Man in Ado Ekiti | Graphic Photo

A man has been killed after a heavy downpour that took place in Ado Ekiti yesterday after his body was spotted.

A man from Ado Ekiti has died during a heavy downpour in the state leaving many people in shock. According to Steven Adedamola Goodwill, the incident happened yesterday.
Goodwill wrote: “It saddens my heart seeing this unfortunate & ugly incident happening in my beloved State. This young dude was a victim of the heavy downpour that occurred in Ado Ekiti yesterday.
“His lifeless body was later found behind Pathfinder Hotel, Iworoko road, Ado Ekiti. Ekiti State. May God continually bestow His protection and mercy upon us. Amen”

Source: Tori


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