Groom Marries Bride Wearing Ordinary T-Shirt and Shorts After This Happened (Photo)

A groom has been forced by circumstance to wed his bride wearing just a t-shirt and shorts. This happened after Delta Airlines lost his luggage. On the t-shirt, he shared his predicament writing: ‘This wedding suit is courtesy of Delta Airlines’.

According to Dailymail, the unidentified newlywed was on a flight from Washington DC to Iceland where his ceremony was due to take place, but his luggage somehow later turned up in Frankfurt.

Instead of buying a replacement suit, the man simply wore a pair of shorts and a T-Shirt, emblazoned with the barbed message.

The image was submitted to Reddit by a friend of the bride and has since gone viral.

‘Their flight from Washington DC was delayed, setting them up for a missed connection in New York,’ Reddit user Zebidee explained.

‘They were re-routed via Paris and Berlin, but despite constant contact with Delta Airlines to make sure their luggage wound up in the right place, the airline washed their hands of the situation.’


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