Cynthia Morgan Blasts MC Galaxy Again: My 2 Singles Are Doper Than Your 2 Albums

The feud is still on guys and Cynthia is not backing down at all. This beef all started when MC Galaxy threw a jibe aimed at Tekno for wading into the perceived Wizkid/Davido beef, saying:

Funny how CEOs who control 100% of their income are talking while an ordinary employee that rarely takes home 20% is trying to interfere. Abeg stay humble! We know say you never reach their levels. Let’s just sit and watch because if two Elephants dey fight, Na ground dey suffer am.
You make hits, we make Money! #SHUPE

Cynthia Morgan had replied the Instagram post, saying:

The Nigerian entertainment industry is so immature, led by leaders who are not truly leaders. If you want to be a leader you can’t be everyone’s friend. I see mc galaxy saying something about lions and 20percent. yo bro you know I like you a lot but you need to shut up. Every lion was once a cub. And btw it’s easy for everyone to call themselves lions. The real lions don’t need description. By their prints you shall know them.

Music pundit Joey Akan quoted both the MC Galaxy’s post and the Cynthia Morgan’s reply and said:

Cynthia Morgan cannot touch MC Galaxy. Man has two albums. Cynthia has two singles. She should leave beef and work hard.”

Cynthia Morgan quoted the tweet, saying:

“I don’t want to call you names bro.cos even my two singles are doper than his two albums.”

Source: Ex Link Lodge


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