Bizarre !!! Nigerian man beats 5 year-old boy to death for misplacing his shoe

Nigerian man Marvyn Iheanacho living abroad has bagged a hefty prison sentence for beating up his girlfriend’s 5-year-old son for losing his shoe. According to reports, Marvyn had always had a case of violence and had been in prison countless times for various charges tied to violence.
Lilya Breha had thought that her five month relationship with the x-convict was the real thing. This drove her to let him watch over her son and take him out for play date.
Her heart came to a halt upon finding that her son had been brutally battered for losing one leg of his shoe. Little Alex was with his potential step dad when he lost the shoe and an angry Marvyn beat him up as per African parent style. However, he took it overboard and did major damage to the little boy who was heard by witnesses saying “sorry” to the disciplinarian.
The lost shoe which led to the eventual death of 5-year-old Malcolm is the justification for getting the beating of his life from Marvyn. After beating him up, Iheanacho lifted the body and headed to his girlfriend’s instead of a hospital.
Source: ( DailyMail )


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