Shocking!!! Banana seller travels via Aeroplane

A Nigerian lady who sells banana for a living has sparked a controversial conversation on social media after her photos were released. Some photos of the young lady were share on Igboist Facebook group.
According to the Igboist group on Facebook, the beautiful lady has become very successful selling banana on the street.
It was stated on the page that the young lady has been able to live a comfortable life with her earnings from hawking banana.
“She still climb 911 to bring down her goods.she sales Banana on the road.travels by there any girls that is pretty as she is that has traveled by aircraft that can still be humble to this extent. umu Igbo let’s show this girl some love and encouragement.”
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  1. She must have somebody who is supporting her financially. It does not just come from selling Banana alone.lets be honest.she is really doing a good job.bravo.kip it up.


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