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Nigerian woman in trouble with sisters in-law over husband’s sick father (Read detail)



Before you read further, guys – who do you think should take care of a married man’s aged and sick father?

Should it be the married man’s wife?  Or the married man’s sisters – who are in turn daughters to this sick, aged father?

Whatever your answer is, bear in mind the family you are about to read about has been torn apart because they believe it is the wife’s responsibilty!

Story was shared by Facebook user, Nora Oma and we need to know if you agree with her. Read below:

Nigerian woman in big trouble

Wetin dey Pepper Nora for Body?

So one of my friends in-laws asked for her head and have declared her a sworn enemy.
And what is her sin?

My friend is married to the first son, they live in the family house which her husband built, with her sick father in-law.

According to her in-laws, she ‘open eyedly’ got a paid extra hand to take care of her sick father in-law. Aru ! Abomination!

Her sister in-laws want to know why will she be wasting their brother’s money to pay someone to take care of their sick father while she is there; that what is her job? That what will she then be doing if they have to hire someone else? Hahahahahaha! I just can’t!

Even before she made this move, each time these so called in-laws come to visit their sick father from their husband houses, all they see are faults. From their father looking emaciated to whatever ridiculous observation they will come up with.

Her husband on numerous occasions have asked them to come and carry their papa and take care of him, since his wife is not doing a good job mba! No ! It is her job because she is ‘our wife’.

I have come to the realization that the major problem we have in our society is that we don’t understand the true/real/actual meaning of marriage.

That your brother decides to marry a particular girl is because he loves her, because he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, because he wants to build his own family with her.

Your brothers do not get married to bring a nanny for your father or house help for your mother.
It is not your sister in-law’s responsibility to take care of your aged parents! It is not your right ! Shouldn’t be an expectation!

If your brother’s wife decides to do it, let it be from the goodness of her heart and should be appreciated.

And please miss me with that a woman is not married to only her husband but to his entire village bullshit! Toss that manipulative statement out of the nearest window. Ero ! Asa! Big lie!

This is one of the statements the society have used to brainwash and manipulate us women for a very long time !

A woman is ONLY married to her husband. Her relationship with her in-laws or even his entire village , should be determined by how they love, accept and respect her and not by her married to their son.

It is not automatic! It’s not buy one get one free ! It is a relationship, you build it.

A woman can not be married to her husband and two of his brothers that hates her, or five of his other sisters that wants her dead!

I don’t understand how someone’s child will stay in their husband’s house and be expecting another person’s child to take care of their sick or aged parents because they are married to their brother.

For goodness sake, Go and carry your papa, mama or a get bloody paid help, and leave the ‘our wives’ alone let them marry their husbands in peace!

Oma Nora Patrick


Japhman” Here is how big brother works.



I am Japhman, birthname: Japhet Attah Egwumah.
Producers and organizers throw a bunch of people (strangers) from different backgrounds into a house, where they’re stuck “in-house” for three months – All day and night. This is just one of the things that distinguishes this particular show and makes it a fan favorite causing unimaginable fanfare and multi-directional fan wars..
Little wonder Big Brother as a show  brews love, hatred and, oftentimes, erotic affection among the housemates; these feelings, including even Eros, yes, erotic feelings, spill over to fans outside the house.
The rising trend of big brother fans and promoters “hating the player instead of hating the game” is largely attributed to the fact that most people (viewers and naysayers) get lost and forget it is a reality show, a game, with all participants just gunning for the “trophy”.
It’s high time people get engrossed with the fact that its only a reality show and the players (housemates) have to play the game to win.. fans need to stop the hate and focus on the player who plays the game the right way: I know, I know, Easier said than done!
Short of this, we may as well rename it “the hate wasted show” .
People sure need to grow
I remain #Japhman
“Japhet Attah Egwumah “

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Japhman: What to know about Japhman and family reality show



JAPHET ATTAH EGWUMAH also known as Japhman is an instagram Celebrity, Nigerian-American based writer, content creator, artist, interviewer, compere and comedian.
Japhman is a native of Ibaji Local government in Kogi State Nigeria and he was born in the northern part of Nigeria, where he attended his high school and studied Physics in the famous Kogi State University, he is happily married with 2 kids and about to launch his family reality show called “Japhman and family”,
He said, the reality show is to show how Africans parent who are based in the western world raise their kids despite the cultural differences, the struggle they go through alongside the day to day difficulty in enlightening his children about their culture and language, which will involve his Sierra Leonean wife and kids.
Watch out for Japhman reality show coming soon.
“Family is Golden”

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BREAKING: Valencia Beat Barcelona To Win Copa Del Rey Final



Barcelona’s hope of clinching another silverware was dashed yesterday night when Valencia beat them by two goals to one in the final of the Copa Del Rey.

Valencia quickly put two unreplied goals past the Spanish champions in the first before Lionel Messi halved the deficit deep into the second half. His second-half goal only proved to be a consolation as Valencia held on to the win.

Despite the defeat to Barcelona, Lionel Messi still se5 another record with his goal as the goal set him up as the only player to score in six consecutive Copa Del Ray finals.

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