Lady Forced To Say Yes After Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her | Video

A man was left red-faced recently after he tried proposing to his girlfriend in public as things turned out not as he had expected.

A couple nearly embarrassed themselves in public after the man’s proposal didn’t take place the way he had expected. The woman he tried proposing to in public refused to accept and was bouyed by her friends to accept so as not to embarrass the man.
The man knelt for minutes waiting for the girl to say yes as she walked away from him.
It was really embarrassing. The girl’s friends noticing the change of events, decided to cower her into accepting. But, it was very obvious that the girl wasn’t interested and some people have said that she is likely to throw away the ring on getting home.

The shocking video has left many people baffled as the debate on public proposal becomes yet another topical issue on social media.
“Clearly pressured, her expression says it all I hope the guy is not blind to all that”
See what people said about the incident below:

Source: Tori


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