Ladies I’ve Never Met Send Me Messages That They’re Pregnant for Me – Nollywood Actor

Nollywood hunk and Wedding Party star, Enyinna Nwigwe, has said that there are deluded people all over the internet as he revealed that some women he never met are alleging thay are pregnant for him.

While speaking as a guest on Linda Ikeji TV’s Hot Topics with Latasha Ngwube, popular Nollywood actor, Enyinna Nwigwe, revealed that he’s had messages from girls he’s never met before telling him they are pregnant for him.

Enyinna who is one of Nollywood’s finest actors, and disclosed that there are deluded people all over the internet, said;

I have had messages of people who are pregnant, people that I have not met before, people I have not met before literally. There are people that are deluded completely. I get messages like that. I know myself. I am not reckless. I don’t go foolhardy. We have crazy people now. Social media has worsened things.


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