Breaking News: See What’s Causing Gridlock on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway | Photo

If your destination is towards the popular Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, then you may have to reschedule, as a heavy traffic has occurred leaving motorists frustrated.
A massive tanker fire has caused a heavy traffic lock-down on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway
According to an eye witness, Emmanuel Muojeke who spoke to Tori News correspondent on the scene of the incident, the traffic has left communters and motorists stranded.
Muojeke said, “I have been in this traffic for hours now. I was hurrying back from Ibadan to meet my family, I never saw this happening. This is almost 6 O’ clock and we are still far away from our destination. If care isn’t taken many of us will sleep on this road.”
Another frustrated commuter, John Odi complained about the frequency at which road users are being made to suffer one incident or the other on the highly used route.
“The government really need to focus on this road because the frequency at which traffic occurs on this road is becoming alarming. If it is not caused by a church programme, it is an accident most likely caused by a tanker driver,” Odi lamented.
The caused of the fire is not exactly know, but the inferno has left the tanker completely burnt, affecting a few other vehicles in various degrees.
No casualty has been recorded yet.
More details to follow…
Source: Tori


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