Alibaba Is A Proud Father At His Twins Graduation Ceremony

Acclaimed Nigerian king of comedy and actor, Alibaba, took to Instagram to celebrate his charming twins, Ejiro and Tejiri who graduated from their pre-degree programme.

The day’s celebration is even more special because the young champs crowned it all with with various awards.

True to his nature, the proud father teased that the cost of their graduation gowns are equivalent to his school fees in the university.

He wrote:

The cost of renting the gown for a pre-degree course was my school fees in year 1 and 2 in BENSU, Ekpoma… We thank the Lord… 6’1″… 6″… 6’2″… these boys no let my shoes and suits dey rest again.

Plus, the twins (who he comically refers to as Bogof -born one get one free) he adds, won’t let his shoes and suits rest.

Here’s the photo he shared:


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