Army Lieutenant declared missing in Lagos

An army lieutenant has been declared missing  in Festac area of Lagos during a military operation, this was made known by his father who claimed in a Facebook post that his son Lieutenant Davou Mwankon Gyang was kidnapped, the authorities are yet to comment on the missing officer.

The incident is, however, shrouded in mystery as the Army is yet to contact the parents of the missing officer and most importantly locate him, according to

The missing officer’s father in his post stated: “I Da. Price Gyang Mwankon of Turu Village Vwang District of Jos South Local Government of Plateau state. My son graduated from Nigerian Defense Academy on the 13th September, 2014 as a second Lieutenant in the Nigerian Army.

“He was posted to Lagos State, 149 Battalion Ojo Barracks. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2015 at the same Ojo Barrack 149 Battalion.

“We have been communicating with him via phone, since February 2017. Over 3 weeks we have have been trying to reach him and his number was not going through.

“I decided to go with one of his younger brother named GWONG GYANG MWANKON, to his office at 149 Ojo Barrack to visit him, on reaching the office on the 13th March, 2017, we met the adjutant, and we introduced ourselves to him and he told the Commanding Officer that we are around, then the Commanding Officer Lt Col Archibong (07069353889) came and directed us to his office. I introduced myself to him as the father of Lt Davou Mwankon Gyang, he told us that Lt DM Gyang went for operation on 18th February, 2017 with five other soldiers (other ranks) at Festac Village a few kilometers away from 149 Battalion Ojo Barracks, Lagos state.

“He told us he heard some gun shots, after a while a Captain called him and told him that Lt D M Gyang was kidnapped and he immediately called the adjutant to confirm if it was actually true, the adjutant confirmed it was true and that the other soldiers that went with him came back sound and safe. Lt. Col. Archibong also told us that he immediately went down to the office and he met the soldiers went with Lt. DM Gyang for the operation, and he asked them what actually happened, and the soldiers responded that they went for operation with Lt. DM Gyang at Festac Village Lagos. On reaching the operation ground, Lt. DM Gyang gave one of the soldier his phone and 1050 Naira that was in his pocket to return back to office.

“After a while the militants started shooting at them and they were running to escaped, and that they took different routes and that was how they escaped back to the Barracks and Lt. DM Gyang was kidnapped.

“Lt. Col Archibong further explained that he was not satisfied with their statements, and he locked them up in the guard room for further interrogations. After then the Commanding Officer took 300 soldiers with snuffing dogs to where the operation took place, and they could not trace Lt. DM Gyang and one of the snuffing dogs died in the process.

“Lt. Col. Archibong gave me his phone number (07069353889) that he was going to get back to us immediately. Since then he did not call us and whenever I call him, he doesn’t pick up my calls.”

The father of the missing officer pleaded with the authorities to come to his aid and help locate the whereabouts of his son.

Source: ( PM News )


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