Security officers rescue 2 Children after Al-Shabaab Terror Attack

Two Children have been rescued by the  Kenya’s security officers on Thursday after they went missing following a suspected Al-Shabaab attack in Lamu on Tuesday.

Lamu County Commissioner Joseph Kanyiri said: “they had broken leg and head injuries and were evacuated and flown to Nairobi hospital for specialised treatment.”

At least eight people, including four schoolchildren and four police officers, were killed during the attack believed to have been orchestrated by Al-Shabaab militants.

Intelligence report indicated that Al-Shabaab militant sprayed bullet on the police truck after it was hit with improvised explosive device that left eight killed among then four primary school pupils.

The militants had targeted Rapid Border Patrol Unit team that was heading to Mukoye from Marerani, Kiunga in the coastal region of Lamu.

“The IED destroyed the lorry before the Al-Shabaab who was hiding from the forest, opened fire to maximum the impact attack and increase the fatalities.

“They later vanished to the vast forest,” a police officer said.

Reports indicate that security might have ignored terror alert that had warned of possible attack within Kiunga arena.

The intelligence report was shared among security agents after the militants were spotted by locals who then alerted police reservists.

They had targeted security agent commuters plying Lamu highway.

Source: ( PM News )


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