See reasons Linda Ikeji will not marry Don Jazzy… No1 is wonderful

Banky W and Adesua might be off the marriage market after successfully buying a bae, however we still have a number of eligible singles in the crowded market and two of the most prominent are op blogger Linda Ikeji and top producer Don Jazzy.

These two are about the most talked about singles in the marriage market, almost everyone wants to see them hooked. As part of our goodwill to make the ‘market’ less crowded than it is, we decided to pair Don Jazzy and Linda to see if something good can come out of this Nazareth.

Alas, it seems to be a no no, if what we gathered recently can be dwelt.

1. Linda Ikeji is said to be in a serious relationship that will lead to the altar or to Ikoyi before the end of the year. According to our source, the blogger and Don will not work “Linda is seeing someone already, you will all hear the news very soon” the source revealed. Isn’t that good news!

2. Zero chemistry: Well, maybe its just us, but from here, there’s nothing like chemistry between these two. You know the way some names automatically makes you think of wedding gowns and tuxedos? For instance, you hear Falz and Simi and you’re thinking of Ikoyi registry… In Linda and Don Jazzy’s case, all you can think of is. : EXCLUSIVE!

3. This might not really be an issue but a lot of people think Linda Ikeji and Don Jazzy are too busy individually to become couple. Many think Don Jazzy needs a wife who would not be as busy as he is, and in this case, Linda Ikeji seems way busier than the record label boss.

From all these, Don Jazzy might tarry in the marriage market, except he is up to something!




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