Nigerian Man Beats Up Security Man After The N1m He Kept In His Car Got Missing | Video

We have received reports concerning an Incident that just happened right now at Buchanan Crescent in Abuja.

According to our source, a Man who drove a Highlander SUV into a restaurant, Calabar Aroma restaurant to eat got the shock of his life when he returned to his car.

Apparently, he found the glass of his car (front seat – right) shattered, only to discover that the 1 million naira cash he left in his car has been stolen by unknown persons. On discovering this, he beat up the security man on duty, who says he had no idea how his glass got shattered and how his money disappeared.

In the video exclusively shared with, you can see the owner in navy blue explaining where he put the money in his car, and the security man crying profusely, after the owner of the car continue to blame him for his negligence.

Watch the video below:

Source: Yabaleftonline



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