Mercy Aigbe’s friend opens up, says Gentry beat her too while she’s trying to settle a fight between the couple


A friend to Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe has taken to Instagram to open up her own part of the story regarding the ongoing domestic violence between the actress and her estranged husband, Lanre Gentry.

The friend who goes by the Instagram username @laraolubo12 writes that:

Read her story below along the photo posted on IG:
It amazed me wt the way pple are saying all sort of things against my friend, one woman i hv so much respect for, the one who does not look down on anyone, the one who can pluck her eyes for everyone! Hmmmm!
Mercy i remembered when u were pregnant wt Juwon and u saw all dis comming, u cried nd cried but i kept on encouragging u. I remembered how many times i came inbtwn u nd Uncle Lanre to stop him from beating u nd i got beaten as well!
What else can a woman take in  the name of marriage? The past three weeks has bn traumatising, we’ve  bn up and running saving ur life. Its bn the longest weeks of my life..
Babe, i know this rubbish they are saying about u are pure lies bcos hv seen alot wt u, hv seen the way u work! Have seen the way u hv bn trying to save dis marriage! Hv seen the way u hv supportted ur home, i was thr the day those asewo pple called u demanding the money uncle Lanre used ur name to collect in a party at Abeokuta. Hv seen how many times u would faint on set out of exhaustion.
Hv taken u to hospitals several times, the briuses allover ur body nko?! Hmmmmm No one knows dis! U kept it all to urself, u let pple think everything is all right. U carry urself up high nd still praise this man for pple to think is the best man in the whole world.
Bn keeping quite bcos dis is oko nd iyawo matter, bn keeping quite bcos of ur image nd self respect. But wt the recent news in town, OH MY GOD, I CANT KEEP QUITE NO MORE!
Oooh my Mercy! With what u hv seen in that house!
Just be strong for those lovely kids of urs ore mi. I know God will vindicate u very soon.


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