“Your Man Does Not Treat You Right Because You Settled For It And Allowed It” – Sonia Ogbonna Tells Women.

Sonia Morales Ogbonna, actor IK Ogbonna‘s wife, shared a message to women via her IG page – she says she’s so sick of double standards, and that women are to be blamed if their men don’t treat them right, because they settled for it.

“I’M SO SICK OF DOUBLE STANDARDS. Help me understand this please: so when a woman cheats on her man ,y’all don’t call a side dude “home breaker” and “wife snatcher”. Instead,wife is labeled as an irresponsible whore. When a man cheats on his woman,it’s not a man that you will blame. You justify his actions just because,(even though in most cases his married self is the one throwing bread at them babes) and it’s all “side chick’s” fault. She is the one you will abuse,insult and call names,”husband snatcher aka home breaker”..etc… I don’t get.. The most painful thing is, it’s WOMEN who support,accept and teach their daughters to live according such double standards,not even men sef. It’s your fellow lady that will call you names and point fingers at you. Stop shaming one another all in the name of idiotic competition based on jealousy and personal insecurities among women. YOUR MAN DOES NOT TREAT YOU RIGHT BECAUSE YOU SETTLED FOR IT AND ALLOWED IT ,NOT BECAUSE OF ANOTHER WOMAN”.

Source: Yabaleftonline


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