Man Discovers Something Shocking Around Wife’s Private Part on Wedding Night

A young man has paid a painful sacrifice for waiting till his wedding night to s*xually explore his wife.

A Nigerian man has cried out to a relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin and his audience about his wife who he claims has a p*nis.
In the email sent to Olumofin, he reveals that they dated for over a year and she never for once got n*ked in front of him, Insisting on ‘No s*x before marriage’.
He says they got married on Monday, 17th of April, and before the reception, he begged her for s*x, but she refused. He says he agreed because ‘a little suspense is always good’.
Wedding night arrived, but to his greatest surprise, he saw his ‘beautiful wife’ with an erect p*nis when it was time to get down.
“I almost punched him/her. She said she was born that way but for Pete’s sake why did she hide such a thing from me? I can’t stop crying”, the distraught groom wrote.
“I built my life around her, I’m weak, I can’t even tell my friends. I feel like going to the lagoon or just taking otapiapia,”  he writes.
An update has it that the woman has surgically removed the p*nis but the damage has been done to the man’s heart already. Read the update below:

Source: Tori


  1. Sincerely speak, its nt marriage. She doesn’t have wat it take to be a wife. ‘She’ is a man. Plz do nt hurt urself just tell her no marriage. It shld be desolve with immediate effect.

  2. Though it happens, people(shemale) really exist, I don’t know how they came to existence.
    You should have seek God’s consent before the marriage.
    And now that it has happened.
    You need God’s consent.
    Because marriage is for better for worse.


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