70 year old pensioner rescued from collapsed building

A 70 year old Chinese pensioner was rescued from a terrible collapsed building that buried him alive. The man who was not identified was reportedly the only person in the ill-fated mud house when it came tumbling down on him. Firemen dashed to the scene to find out what went south, only to discover the old man buried deep under the rubbles. They allegedly used their hands to dig him out, arguing that use of bulldozers and other machines could hurt the man if in fact he was still breathing.
When the rescue team arrived at the scene, they reportedly found the building’s roof missing. A place believed to must have been the house’s sitting room was also covered with wood and mud. They sensed there was a person under the debris and quickly started digging. It took an hour to get to the old man and pull him out. The lucky pensioner was rushed to hospital for urgent medical attention. He is reportedly recuperating and will soon be back on his feet.
It is not yet clear what caused the near-tragic building collapse. Officials concerned are still looking into the possible cause of the collapse.
Source: ( Gossip.naij.com)


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