31-year-old Woman Dupes Her UK-based Lover After Squandering His Money | Photo

A Zimbabwean man has dragged his lover to court for deceiving and squandering his money which has left him in debt.

A 31-year-old city woman is standing accused of squandering and duping her United Kingdom-based lover of cash which was meant for settling a bill accrued during their three-month stay at a Harare hotel, H-metro reports.
The Zimbabwean woman identified as Sarah Dhliwayo, also squandered proceeds from the sale of a truck which her lover Hoziah Pasi had sold in a bid to settle debts accrued during his stay in this country.
This emerged at the Harare magistrates’ court where Hoziah Pasi hauled Sarah complaining of her mistrust. Pasi is being represented by Paul Mugarisanwa through the Power of Attorney. The 31-year-old woman is denying the accusations.
But the State led by Netsai Mushayabasa had it that sometime in October 2012 Pasi came into the country where he booked at Cresta Jameson Hotel in the capital.
Pasi and his girlfriend are said to have stayed at the hotel from October to December 2012 and they accrued a bill of US$2 988.
Reports are that Pasi failed to raise money for his air ticket to return to the United Kingdom and pay for the hotel bills.
Faced with such a scenario, Pasi is said to have asked his cousin to help him look for the money resulting in Mugarisanwa borrowing US$3 000 and gave it him.
It is said that Pasi then instructed Mugarisanwa to sell his truck through the Power of Attorney which he signed on December 15, 2012.
Sometime in April 2013, Sarah became aware that Mugarisanwa was selling the truck for US$12 000 and she then informed Fortune Masawi and Enock Willie about the sale.
Masawi and Willie got interested in buying the truck and later entered into an agreement of sale with Mugarisanwa.
Sarah is said to have witnessed Mugarisanwa, Masawi and Willie entering into an agreement of sale in which a deposit of US$6 500 was paid and the balance was to be paid in instalments.
It is also said that they agreed that the truck would not be registered until full payment was been made.
Accusations are that sometime in October 2013, Sarah approached Willie and told him that she was entitled by the Power of Attorney to benefit from the sale of the truck.
Willie is said to have asked Sarah to facilitate the registration of the truck which saw her acquiring the Customs Clearance Certificate from Plumtree Border Post.
On October 12 2013, Willie is said to have paid the outstanding balance of US$5 500 to Sarah.
Reports are that Mugarisanwa got wind that the truck had been registered on November 30 of the same year when he went to claim his outstanding balance from Willie.
It was when he also discovered that the truck had been registered with the assistance of Sarah and that she had squandered all the money.
Irked by his mistress’ behaviour Pasi then instructed Mugarisanwa to take the matter to the police on his behalf through the Power of Attorney.
Sarah is expected to be appear in court on May 30 for trial before magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa.

Source: Tori


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