Serious Drama as Military Men Mercilessly Beat Teacher in Public While Trying to Force Him Out of His Apartment | Photo

Two Nigerian soldiers have mercilessly assaulted a teacher in Lagos state on the orders of a woman and tried to force him out of his apartment.

Two military men attached to the Nigeria Army Ordinance Tailoring Factory, Yaba, have reportedly beat up a teacher, Ojiah Marleth-Adeiza, in a house on Maye Street, in the Yaba area of Lagos State.
According to Punch, the soldiers allegedly beat up the 40-year-old and damaged his property in a bid to eject him from his apartment. The Kogi State indigene alleged that aside damaging his property, the soldiers made away with N250,000 he kept in the house.
The men were allegedly acting on the orders of the landlady, identified only as Olawunmi, who is based in Canada. After he couldn’t take the beating, he lied to the soldiers that he wanted to get a taxi and pack his property, and used the opportunity to escape. He later rushed to the Sabo Police Division to report the incident.
Narrating how it all started, Marleth-Adeiza said he had rented the apartment from a sibling of Olawunmi, identified simply as  Olalekan before things turned out sour.
He said, “I rented the apartment in October, 2016. I approached the house agent, Olalekan, who is the brother of the landlady. He asked me to pay N10,000 per month for rent. He said I should pay five months rent, pending when the house would be in good shape. There was no bathroom in the house; there’s only a toilet.
“When my rent expired in February 2017, Olalekan gave me the account number of his sister to pay a full rent into it.
“When I spoke with her, she asked how long I had stayed in the house. When I told her five months, she said I must pay for the past five months before I would renew my rent. That was when I realised that her brother did not remit the N50,000 I earlier paid for the house.
“On March 26, her lawyer tried to evict me forcefully and I reported the case at the Sabo Police Station. At the station, the lawyer discovered the truth and signed an undertaking to stop harassing me. I was asked to vacate the house in May 2017.”
Speaking further, Marleth-Adeiza said that around 9.30pm on April 2, 2017, two soldiers entered into the house and challenged his rights to the apartment. He alleged that a Congolese tenant, who allegedly plotted the attack with the landlady, locked up the gate to ensure he did not escape.
“They beat me till blood started gushing out from different parts of my body. While they were hitting me, one of them was speaking with the woman in Canada, telling her not to worry, that they would deal with me.
“I then begged their leader to allow me to go and get a taxi. A few minutes after walking down the road together, I saw a cab  and we boarded it together. I instructed the driver to head straight for the Sabo Police Station. The soldier asked the man to drive towards the house. When the driver didn’t listen to him, he jumped out from the cab. I followed him.  I held him and insisted that he should follow me to the station. Unfortunately, he wriggled his way out and fled,” he added.
Marleth-Adeiza said he later reported the case after sleeping on the road that night. He said he discovered that aside a new textbook he was writing which was damaged,the sum of N250,000 was also stolen from the apartment.
The victim said he went to the soldiers’ base at Yaba and saw one of the men, whom he identified as Corporal Shaba.
He explained that the Regimental Sergeant Major pleaded with him to drop the case so that the men would not be dismissed.
“All I want is justice.  They have violated my rights and should be punished,” he added.
When Olalekan was contacted on his telephone line, a woman, who claimed to be his sister and asked not to be identified, denied Marleth-Adeiza’s claims, describing him as an ingrate.
She said, “Where he stays is actually an office, not an apartment. He approached my brother that he needed help and he didn’t have money for an apartment. My brother, out of pity, gave him the office space for N10,000 per month and he paid five months rent.
“Olalekan told him his sister in Canada must not know about it and that he was only helping him. Marleth (Marleth-Adeiza) was given the toilet attached to the office, but he messed it up.
“One day, he called Olalekan’s sister and told her that he gave him money for the rent. The matter turned into a family problem to the point that my sister is no longer speaking with Olalekan.
“It wasn’t my sister that called the soldiers. Some Congolese women staying in the house called the soldiers after he broke down their doors and messed up the toilets, which he was not supposed to encroach into.
 “The soldiers then asked him to pack all his things and move out of the house. At a point, he was rude to them and they beat him up. He then told the soldiers that he wanted to pack some of his things; he used that opportunity to escape.”
She added that policemen from the Sabo division arrested the Congolese women for their role in the fracas.
She told PUNCH Metro that her brother and some friends intervened in the matter and Olalekan offered a refund of the N50,000 rent to Marleth-Adeiza, but he declined the offer.
She said the claim that the soldiers stole money in the house was an afterthought.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, confirmed the incident, adding that investigations were ongoing.
He said the police were working with the military to ensure justice was served.

Source: Tori


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