See The Brand Logo Cossy Orjiakor Released That Has Got Everyone Talking

Well, it seems Cossy is serious about releasing a tell-all book about the scandals that go on in the movie industry.

The busty actress just released the logo for her Cossy brand which she said is trademarked here in Nigeria. The logo is ‘Cossylike’. She shared the logo on her Instagram account with the caption:

“Ungrateful Delilah captures the curious adventure and cautionary tale of a true life, tell it all tale, of a nollywood actress and also an ex-nollywood pimp that was used and duped by a very rich client.

who turned out to be a well known pastor in Nigeria. It’s so intriguing to know what goes on behind the scenes. In Nollywood All that glitters is not gold.

The flashy life’s of some Nollywood actresses and actors comes at a cost. Backbiting. Backstabbing. Pimping. It’s a crazy world there.

Names have been changed to protect the true identity of all involved. 😁 i finally submitted the 500word and first 3pages to Casava republic a publishing firm i saw online.

Hahahha Cossy and the above logo is a trademarked name in Nigeria. Maybe i go self publish, if i get a No from the Casava😁. Fingers crossed .


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