“I no send anybody, I go repeat cloth tire” – Efe

Even though he is N25million richer and is now considered a celebrity, Efe has declared that he is not going to dress like one – He made this known while he was on stage at AY Live 2017 – It appears he wants to maintain his ‘realness’ – For more articles related to Big Brother Naija click HERE Celebrities are expected to carry themselves with poise and class. In fact, they are not expected to repeat or wear the same outfit twice. But Nigeria’s latest celerity Efe has other ideas,

Speaking in his trademark pidgin English at the recently held AY Live comedy show, he thanked all that voted for him reminding them that it was their efforts that made him a celeb today. He also talked about how his fashion will change. Efe has revealed how he is going to act as a celebrity “All this bloggers go get plenty things to write about me. Una know say me I no sabi form this shirt and jeans wey I dey wear, I go wear am again I go repeat cloth tire me I no send anybody.”

Efe’s comments are not surprising. Right from his first day in the Big Brother Naija house, he never hid his disdain for celebrity culture. His whole premise was based on his ‘realness.’ He reiterated this when he was accused of unfollowing everyone on his Instagram page.

Now that he is now a celeb in every sense, let’s see if his realness will continue.

Source: Instagram


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