ULC to protest against the removal of minimum wage

The United Labour Congress have said it would mobilise workers across sectors of the Nigerian economy to protest moves to remove minimum wage from the exclusive to concurrent legislative list.

This was made by  the President, United Labour Congress (ULC),  Mr Joe Ajaero,who said at the pre-2017 May Day seminar organised by ULC, in Lagos.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the concurrent list stipulates that powers are shared jointly by both the central and regional or state governments as stipulated in the Constitution, even though both governments can make law on matters that fall under the concurrent list, the central government is supreme.

This means that in case there is a conflict of law made by both governments, the law will supercede that of the regional or state government.

Subject matter on concurrent list includes health, agriculture, education, road and housing among others.

According to Ajaero, the move is ill-motivated to deny workers their right to live well which is what some of the governors have been advocating but we will mobilise against them.

He said that If the planned delisting of wage from the exclusive legislative list succeeds, it means that the country would no longer have a national minimum wage.

Source : ( Punch Newspaper )


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