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FG Appeals Justice Ademola’s Acquittal, Files Fresh Charges at CCT



In an effort to save the war against corruption, following a streak of losses at the courts, the federal government on Thursday filed an appeal against the decision of Justice Jude Okeke to uphold the no-case submission in the corruption case against Justice Adeniyi Ademola, his wife, Olabowale, and a legal practitioner, Mr. Joe Agi (SAN).

The government through the Ministry of Justice has also filed a fresh case at the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) against Justice Ademola and wife for living above their means and failure to declare their assets.

On Wednesday, Justice Okeke of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory upheld a no-case submission by the defence in the corruption case against Justice Ademola, his wife and Agi.

However, sources in the presidency who appeared to be very learned in the nuance of criminal trials and the provisions of the law, said that the learned trial judge struck out the 18-count charge proffered against the defendants after holding that the prosecution failed to prove any of the allegations, despite the provisions of Sections 53 and 60 of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences (ICPC) Act.

The sources informed State House correspondents that the government was advised to appeal what it described as “a very strange outcome indeed considering the underlying facts”.

According to the presidency sources, “It is even more strange that the trial was not allowed to continue considering the applicable statutory provisions.”

Section 53(1) of the ICPC Act raises the presumption that any gratification accepted or obtained by an accused person must have been corruptly accepted or obtained until the contrary is proved. Section 60 of the Act does not apply to the case.

“Of interest is the decision of the learned trial judge that the offence of giving and receiving gratification was not made out by the prosecution against the defendants in the face of the evidence held in court.
“Prosecution witnesses gave testimony of the payment of N30 million in three tranches by Mr. Joe Agi into the account of Mrs. Olabowale Ademola, the wife of Justice Ademola.

“Mr. Agi was a legal practitioner who actually had cases in the court of Justice Ademola.
“The defendants however claim that the money was a gift from common friends for the benefit of Justice Ademola and Mrs. Ademola to support the wedding of their daughter.

“The evidence of the defence suggesting that the source of the money was not Mr. Joe Agi was unclear at best and ought not to have formed the basis of the learned trial judge’s conclusion at this stage of the proceedings.
“What was clear was that the last tranche was paid shortly before Justice Ademola granted a garnishee order in favour of Mr. Joe Agi’s client to the tune of about US$637 million.

“Prior to this, it was also not disputed that Justice Admola’s son had received a BMW vehicle worth about N8,500,000.00 from Mr. Joe Agi,” argued the sources knowledgeable about the case.

One presidency official further added: “One of the charges dismissed relates to the possession of firearms by Justice Ademola without a valid licence.

“On this, Honourable Justice Okeke held that the Firearms Act made a provision for a time lag, that is, for Justice Ademola to continue to hold on to his firearms and ammunition even after the expiration of his licence.
“In this case, a new licence was tendered in a situation where Justice Ademola ought to have tendered a renewal of his old licence.

“Being in possession of two licences in respect of the same firearm ought to have raised some questions for the defendants to resolve.”

Also, sources within the prosecution team revealed that “the ruling suggested that the learned trial judge proceeded to ascribe probative value to the evidence of prosecution witnesses at the stage of the no-case submission when he ought only to have considered whether a prima facie case had been made out by the prosecution against the defendants”.
They argued that the learned trial judge had held that there was no link between the gratification received by Justice Ademola and the judgment he delivered in favour of Agi.

“The ruling however failed to address the relevance of Section 53 of the ICPC Act which raised a presumption of corruption in respect of the gratification in question.

“This and other troubling questions must be addressed in an appeal against the ruling,” they said.
When contacted for the official comment of the presidency on this issue, the president’s media aide, Mr. Garba Shehu, said there was no rift between the executive and the judiciary over Justice Ademola’s acquittal and other recent judicial decisions posing a challenge to the war against corruption.

“The relationship between the two arms of government has been very cordial. Nothing has happened to change the nature of the relationship,” he said.

Source: Thisday

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COVID-19 vaccine: US embassy celebrates Nigerian doctor Ogbuagu



The United States Mission to Nigeria has celebrated Dr Onyema Ogbuagu, for his role in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Ogbuagbu, who graduated from the University of Calabar in 2003, migrated to the US and rose to become an Associate Professor of Medicine and Infectious Disease Specialist at Yale University.

He was part of the team that helped pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

In a Facebook message on Monday, the US mission wrote, “Nigerians contribute to the world in so many ways. Our hats off to Dr Onyema Ogbuagu at Yale who helped develop a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Ogbuagu is the son of a former Vice-Chancellor of Abia State University, Prof Stella Ogbuagu. He also has a twin brother who is an engineer.

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Elon Musk surpasses Bill Gates to become the world’s second-richest person as Tesla’s market cap inches closer to $500 billion



After beating Mark Zuckerberg in world rich list ranking — the billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk has now leapfrogged Bill Gates to grab the world’s second-richest ranking.

Musk’s net worth rose more than $7.2 billion on November 23, driven by another surge in the Tesla share price, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index. The current net worth of Elon Musk stands at $127.9 billion.

This comes as one of the biggest gains in the ranking of the world’s 500 richest people — Musk has added over $100.3 billion to his net worth this year.

Elon Musk surpasses Bill Gates to become the world’s second-richest person as Tesla’s market cap inches closer to $500 billion

In January 2020, he ranked 35th, but the soaring Tesla share price has driven his ranking to surpass other billionaires in the world.

The jump in Musk’s fortune came as the shares of the electric car-maker Tesla soared as the electric car makers market cap neared $500 billion on Monday.

Gates would have been on the top, had it not been for his philanthropy.


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#EndSARS Protest: Those who have murdered Nigerians will not benefit from trade or travel to the UK – Lyn Brown



British politician serving as Member of Parliament, Lyn Brown has called for sanctions against those involved in the shooting incident during the EndSARS protest in Lekki on October 20.

Speaking during a debate in the house on Monday November 23, Lyn stated that the least they can do is to make sure that those who have “murdered” Nigerians and deprived them of their human rights are not able to benefit from trade or travel to the UK.

She added that these include government officials and the Nigerian army who are stopping a “transparent investigation and effecting of justice.”

The lawmaker also averred that it was unfortunate that the Federal Government went ahead to not only accuse protesters of sponsoring terrorism and freeze their accounts, but also blamed them for the increase in food prices.

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