Drama as Fight Breaks Out In a Holy Festival After Wife Spots Husband With Another Woman | Photos

An angry wife has caused a stir during a holy festival after she spotted another woman with her husband at the venue.

A religious festival has ended up in serious a fight when a woman spotted her husband canoodling with another woman who was obviously his lover among the tens of thousands of people in the crowd.
This resulted in the women and their friends getting involved in a fight, pulling hair and slapping each other as passers-by tried to restore order.
According to local reports, the incident was captured on camera by a passerby during the processions of Semana Santa at Santo Cristobal in Lima, Peru.
The procession, known as the ascension of the hill of Santo Cristobal, is one of the holiest pilgrimages for the faithful during holy week in Lima, Peru.
The wife had decided to travel alone to the festival after her husband told her he was busy.
She was apparently expecting an opportunity for reflection and peace alongside the other pilgrims, but was horrified when she spotted her husband doing the pilgrimage with his lover.
Upon seeing the two of them together, the wife lunged at her husband’s mistress, and it was only with difficulty that other pilgrims were able to separate them.
The disruption caused a delay in the normally two hour-long pilgrimage, and also prevented the final scene in which the crucifixion is re-enacted at the top of the hill.

Source: Tori


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