Stakeholders Frowns As Kado Fish Market Turns Into General Market

The national president, Fisheries Co-operative Federation of Nigeria Limited, Bro. Anthony A. Ashangye has raised an alarm that Kado Fish Market which was originally meant to be a hub for buying and selling of fish in Abuja is gradually turning into a general commodity market.

In an interview with LEADERSHIP Ashangye noted that the Kado Fish Market has been turned into general market where you can find everything sold in the general market, while people who are into fishery activities have been pushed into open spaces, outside the market.

He noted that the conversion of the market into general commodity market started in 2004 when the market was commissioned and people who do not have anything to do with fisheries got shop allocations.

Ashangye added that it was these people who were wrongly given the shop allocations that sold them to other people whose businesses have nothing to do with fish or fish products.

“Initially when the former FCT minister, Nasir El-Rufai established the Kado Fish Market in 2004, it was meant mainly for buying and selling fish. But after a while the market was turned into a general market where you can now find everything sold in the market.

In fact the main problem was that many people who got the shop allocations in the market are not into fishery practice. So they are the people who decided to sell their shop allocations to other people and today the market became mixed up,” he said.

The national president therefore appealed the FCT administration to establish additional fish market within the Federal Capital city to accommodate their members who are in need of spaces to sell their fish.

“You know that there is a high demand for fish in FCT .The demand for fish here is equally more than any other part of Nigeria, because of the population.

During the commissioning of the market, former FCT minister at the time promised that the FCT administration will establish other three fish markets in the Federal Capital City, but we are surprised that since then they have not done that

Source: Leadership


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