Nigeria Customs Service releases three phone numbers to the public

Three phone numbers has been released by the Nigeria Customs Service to the members of the public to help reach the helpdesk for immediate confirmation of Customs duty papers by members of the public.

The numbers according to the service are; 094621597, 094621598,094621599.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by the Acting Public Relations Officer, NCS, Mr Joseph Attah, on Saturday.

The numbers according to Attah, are for those interested in verifying the genuineness of their papers or who intend to buy vehicles from dealers.

The statement read in part, “Any person can take advantage of this easy way to call and give the following information; and hold on for an immediate answer before purchasing the vehicle(s)- C –number, year of payment, command that the duty was said to be paid.

“As you are reading out the C- number on the top right of the Single Goods Declaration (SGD) and giving the year of payment and the command (where the duty was paid), the information is being keyed in for prompt answer that will enable you make appropriate purchase decision.”

He added that the NCS, under the present management was determined to explore all ways of easing Customs processes and procedures in the interest of the general public.


  1. My apologies mine is not a comment but a request.

    I humbly want to know the process or procedure in place to purchase just one (1) empty container for our organization’s use.

    The Oasis Association is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization).

    Please treat as urgent.

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    Betty Ricketts


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