Liberia mourns as young and promising musician, Quincy B dies in fatal car accident

Monrovia – Liberia is mourning the loss of one of its young and promising music recording artist. Quincy L. Burrowes, commonly known as Quincy B died in a tragic motor accident early Friday morning. He was 23.

The Tumba Baba and Olukupay crooner was returning from a gig at Anglers bar and restaurant when his car lost control and summersaulted opposite the Monrovia City Hall, snatching his life away.

Quincy B was in the driver’s seat, accompanied by his colleagues Feouls Kaba, Margas and CIC. C.I.C suffered a broken leg and the others went unscathed.

Quincy B who just released his latest single, I Pledge,  a duet with Musulyn Myers aka Sweetz, rose to fame in 2013 following his debut recording of the dancehall hit “My Dream”, opposite Scientific. Despite his youth, Quincy was a strong advocate for musicians rights and encouraging other artists to have lawyers represent them when signing endorsement deals.

Lewiz McCarthy, the singer’s manager was in shock Friday morning as he urged the public to take down the photos of Quincy’s body which is being posted on some social media outlets. McCarthy is also questioning the J. F. K, as to how security allowed the photo to be taken at the hospital.  Amara Kamara, Public Relations Officer at the medical facility denied that photos were taken at the hospital.

Born Quincy L. Borrowes, the crooner is survived by his mother who was at the JFK Hospital when the body arrived. Photos from the accident scene shows a badly damaged body being removed from the wreckage. C.I.C is undergoing surgery and Quincy B’s body has been moved to the Samuel Stryker Funeral Parlor.



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