Korean Minister Promise new Election In 60 Days After Impeachment Saga

Following the ruling by the constitutional court in Seoul, upholding the impeachment of Park Geun-hye’s presidency over a corruption scandal that has plunged the country into political turmoil, the acting Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Song Sookeun serving as spokesman of the Government of the Republic of Korea responsible for publicising government affairs has urged everyone to remain calm as the government is doing everything possible to reorganize itself to its former glory.

In a letter sent out to inform correspondents around the globe on the recent hullabaloos in the country, he said the Korean Government has been carrying out state affairs stably, with all ministries and agencies functioning as usual under the leadership of the acting President and Prime Minister.

According to Mr Sookeun, he assures the government readiness in providing and maintaining firm security readiness.

He the letter reads in parts: “North Korea continues its provocations with nuclear tests and missile launches in order to enhance their sophistication. While maintaining a watertight defense posture, the Government will work closely together with the international community to resolutely respond to any provocation.

“The Government has been monitoring and managing the financial and foreign exchange markets in a stable manner and maintaining the sovereign credit rating. For that purpose, we are proactively responding to various risk factors by solidifying the current economic emergency response system while swiftly coping with situational changes.

“In addition, we will fairly and transparently administer the next presidential election to be held within 60 days and make special efforts in assisting the transition in accordance with democratic procedures so that the incoming administration can be launched in a stable manner.

“The Government is certain that Korean society will become an even stronger democracy based on the mature civic consciousness of the people, which has been demonstrated during the recent protests.”

Source: Leadership


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