Kelechi Emeteole Hospitalized For Throat Cancer (Photos)

As a youth, he donned the Nigerian jersey, played his heart out, not just to bring laurels home to Nigeria, but also to entertain his fellow countrymen and people who were here, confess to have enjoyed his footballing talent which he generously displayed for years as a football player.
When he retired from playing, he went into coaching, bringing his years of experience as a player into bear in harnessing footballing talents from home. He helped a good number of our youths to become useful not just to themselves, but to the Nigerian nation at large.
Kelechi Emeteole who is also known as ‘Caterpillar’ has made this country proud, he has served this country, he answered Nigeria when Nigeria needed him most, and it will be unforgivable if Nigeria ignores him now that he needs Nigeria,
Our dear Emeteole is down with an ailment, the doctors say is cancer of the throat. We know how speedily, cancerous cells eat up the human body and make a vegetable out of vital organs. 11,000 Dollars is the medical bill which Indian specialists have demanded. A Nigerian specialist based in Enugu believes that Two Million Naira will be enough tokeep this great Nigerian patriot alive, at least for longer, certainly not forever. Please help, however, you can.

Source: Trezzy Helm


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