Abuja: Man allegedly brutalised by Police

The poor treatment by the men in uniform on civilians is increasing on a daily basis. Another incident was reported in Abuja by Ugo Aladum who shared his ordeal in the hands of police officers attached to Gwarimpa Divisional Police Station, Abuja. Below is the post published on Facebook, yesterday, March 25th. He wrote;

“There is this road, we use to follow at the back of gwarinpa, once they locked galadima gate by 8pm,so I follow the road.

“Next thing, some of those hoodlums around the area rushed out n blocked my path. While still arguing with them to let me drive through , the police men arrived, stating that they were the one that told them to block d road.

“No wahala then, make I turn back begin go back, one of them wanted to enter my car, that I much follow them to station, they block the road, calling me armed robber, start dragging the car key with me, before l cld argue, one slapped me, while still arguing why he slapped me, others joined beating me with their gun.

“Even as I was still pleading with them, one even went as far as cocking him gun to shoot me, stating that I was an armed robber. All these person, I kept on advise was exactly is my crime to warrant these beatings. 

“Finally they dragged me into their hilux in the process, lost my wrist watch and one of them drove to my car to their gwarinpa Divisional police station in 3rd avenue, I was in the station until after 1am,be for they released me, but they took my car papers and l also discovered that the little money, I had in the car has also disappeared, they held on to my car, insisting that I should come back to the police station with the originals of d car papers today, with the customs papers by 2pm today.”

Source: ( Linda Ikeji)


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