Plateau State is the home of peace and tourism in Nigeria. Even if you are scared of the insecurity in some northern states, Plateau State still charms you off your feet with its many tourist attractions. With the temperate weather that graces the state, you are sure to experience an atmosphere that is both enjoyable and markedly different from what is obtainable across every other northern Nigerian State. Visiting soon? You will also find some beautiful hotels in Plateau to lodge in when you arrive.

Below is a list of some of the major tourist destinations in the State:

The Rock Formations

Plateau is blessed with natural rock formations and several hills that you can explore. Some of the popular natural places you would find with rocks include the Wase Rock, Shere Hills and Riyom Rock to name a few. The Shere Hills is close to Jos and has become a haven for mountain climbers. It is a rugged place to visit and can be used for camping programmes. The Riyom Rock formation is what would delight you when it comes to comparing the map of the state.

The Waterfalls

Do you want to see some fascinating waterfalls? Plateau State has many of them among them are the Assop Falls and Kurra Falls. The Kurra Falls was created as a result of tin a mining activity that is now used to generate electricity by the Nigerian Electricity Supply Company (NESCO). The Assop Falls is natural and would give you that thrill that you desire.

Kurang Volcanic Mountain

Kurang Volcanic Mountain is not far from the Jos Township. It is here that you would see the natural springs where SWAM Bottle Water is bottled.

The Wildlife Parks

The Jos Zoological Garden, Jos Wildlife Park and the Pandam Game Reserve and Lakes are some of the places you should come to. The Jos Wildlife Park houses some rare and exotic reptiles, birds and animals. It extends into the Vongnifwel Hill and the Pine Forest. You can have your picnic here and enjoy the scenario of the park.

Naraguta Leather Works

The Naraguta Leather Works would show you the secrets of how the hides and skin of animals are transformed into leatherwork. This is where some of the man made leather products are made. There is hardly any type of leather work that you would not be able to see here. You can buy some of these products at an affordable rate.

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