Stop Killing, Raping Women, It’s Anti-Islam – Scholar Advises Boko Haram

An Islamic scholar, Malam Abdullahi Abubakar, has cautioned the Boko Haram terrorist group against “slaughtering people and raping women,” stressing that such acts were anti-Islam.

Speaking in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital on Sunday, Abubakar advised the terrorist group to stop the killings of innocent people and destruction of properties if they truly believe in Islam.

Abubakar, who is a lecturer at Bayero University Kano, BUK, condemned Boko Haram’s ideology of trying to establish a wholly Islamic State.

He said, “The Boko Haram group should re-consider its thought and revisit its methodology by following the right teachings of Islam.

“Islam is based on four foundamentals; they are justice, mercy, wellbeing and wisdom and anything contrary to these is against Islamic Shariah.

“Boko Haram members claim that Muslims who do not join their group are non Muslims, which is contrary to the concept of justice in Islam because in Islam, there is no compulsion to any religion.”

The cleric appealed to people considering joining the group to have a rethink, stressing that Boko Haram was evil.

“They slaughter people and rape women all in the name of religion, this is certainly not part of Islam.

“Muslims must seek knowledge to be able to perform the religion in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Prophet,” Abubakar added.

Source: Dailypost


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