Stop Condemning Curvy Women – Heavy-chested Actress, Seun Omojola Speaks

A Nollywood figure has advocated for the respect and glory of voluptuous ladies/women in Nigeria after being sidelined by majority of men.
Seun Omojola is one entertainer who continues to wow her fans not just with her acting talent, but also with her curves and unblemished s*x appeal.
The actress who also doubles as a filmmaker has lashed out at those who disrespect and discriminate against curvier women, especially those in entertainment.
Seun spoke to an online news platform about how people put a tag on curvy women.
“Why should you put a tag on someone who is curvy and refer to her as “a curvy singer or actress” why can’t you just refer to her as an actress? You cannot change these things; people will say whatever they have to say. The best thing is not to allow it to get to you.
“By the time you start taking everything personal you begin to have a problem. I don’t take such things personal. You want to call me curvy? Beautiful! Whatever you call me is your opinion” she reiterated.
Source: Tori


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