Runner robbed off first place by elastic band

A sprinter during a college track event in Ireland had his hopes of victory snatched off when an elastic band flew onto the track and wrapped around his legs.

Aengus Meldon, whose unfortunate moment was caught on camera and posted to YouTube, was in the lead toward the end of the 800 meter race at the Indoor Track and Field Championships at Athlone Institute of Technology.

The runner’s seemingly inevitable victory is foiled, however, when a pole vaulter’s elastic band breaks off and flies toward the runners.

The band strikes Meldon and wraps around his legs — or, as the race announcer states, “he was tied up like Spider-Man threw something at him.”

Meldon is able to stay upright and finish the race, but he surrenders his first-place spot.

The racer was reportedly allowed to compete in the finals due to the circumstances of his loss.


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