Protest will go on without Tuface, says group

A group called Coalition in Defence of Nigerian Democracy and Constitution (CDNDC)  has vowed to continue with Tuface’s cancelled protest, saying it was never about the singer and his group alone in the first place, the Nation reports.

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In a press statement issued by one Ariyo-Dare Atoye, co-convener, CDNDC, “the cancellation of #IStandWithNigeria rally is not the consensus of Nigerians, majority of fellow planners and not a true reflection of the sincere plan to organize this rally in public interest.”

He said: “Let it be known that Mr. Idibia merely keyed into an ongoing public discourse over this protest to take a lead. It was never his singular idea but the concerns of the suffering masses.

“Therefore, we wish to inform concerned Nigerians and the international community that there is a national and public consensus for this protest to hold as scheduled in all venues. There are hundreds of groups and thousands of Nigerians who are leading this initiative and we will not back down.”

According to Atoye, “This is the time to separate real activists from emergency activists. Emergency activists seek mortality with the fear of man, while revolutionists and real activists seek immortality with the fear of God.

“Consequently, in the exact opposite of what our brother, 2Face said; “Dear Nigerians, due to stomach insecurity and bad governance consideration, we hereby announce the continuation of the march as scheduled – on Monday, February 6, 2017,” he said.


  1. Lets us all leads to this protest against the federal government’ lets create new changes we will surely go against this bad governance

  2. Tuface shd be congratulated for cancelling the Feb 6 2017 planned anti govt protest.His reason for the action reveals the character of a true activist. Any body claiming to be an activist that is willing to sacrifice the lives of his followers is a BAD leader. My suggestion to 2baba is go back to the drawing board and restrategise for another time.

  3. This protest will continue . with or without him . As a matter of fact , this was not never his single idea. how dare his say he cancels the protest . he should have just said he is backing down personally .


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