‘I Have Killed More Than 100 People Using Marine Powers’ – Native Doctor Confesses After Turning Born Again

A Zimbabwean native doctor from Gweru has confessed to killing more than 100 people using marine powers he claimed to have acquired from the underground World.

This comes after the 46-year-old Musiyiwa Denhere had repented from his evil ways by joining a local Pentecostal church. But after his repentance things turned worst as the marine spirits which he used to work under are now demanding his three year old son or wife as a compensation.

‘I started practicing as a tsikamutanda (native doctor) in 1989. I have been healing people with incurable diseases. I also used to assist some of my clients by killing their enemies. I would kill by lighning, accident, sudden death, BP or any other diseases. I have killed more than 100 people using the powers I got from the marine spirit. Due to my kind of work, six wives left me and that is when I decided that I have had enough of the life of darkness.’

Things have turned for the worst since the day I repented. The marine spirits are haunting me day and night demanding that I sacrifice my son for the bond to be broken. After refusing to sacrifice my family, a thundering voice told me to destroy all the property that I acquired through the marine spirits. I had no option but to obey since the spirits had said that if I fail to comply I will die, he said.

Denhere, who claimed he is being attacked day and night by the spirit, also said the prophet who helped in transforming his life, is not willing to help him fight the battle.

‘After being attacked day and night by the spirits, I went back to the prophet who helped me to repent in search of deliverance but he is not willing to help. He keeps telling me that he is busy. I am therefore appealing to all the members of the public especially pastors who can help me deal with this nightmare.

Source: State Media.



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