#BiggerAndLonger-Tecno’s Unfinished Story goes viral on social media

There is a thread on TECNO official Facebook, Twitter and Facebook page called the “Unfinished Story” with the hashtag #BiggerAndLonger. The post has got thousands of Nigerians talking due to the sexual and yet exciting undertone it seems to provoke.

It is quite similar to the #BeautyAndBeast teaser activity for the Phantom 6 and 6 Plus; but this time around, TECNO is up to something sexy with the activity.

The ad above shows an image with a battery icon. A guy who commented on the post on Facebook called it TECNO’s Big Cassava LOL!  But I am guessing it’s about an upcoming phone with a Long Lasting Battery Life! Or what do you guys think it’s all about? You too can be part of the hilarious conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to join the unfinished story thread on TECNO’S Official Social Media Pages.

Follow the post HERE, HERE or HERE and respond with your own twist with the Hashtag #BiggerAndLonger to create the longest “Unfinished Story” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, open the thread and and try to reply the last tweet with your own twist.

Below is the sample Post from TECNO’S Facebook page.

Let’s work together to create the longest comment thread on a Facebook post. Let’s create an unfinished story!

“Bigger and longer don’t always mean better, but what if it means great and….”
Play around with the sentence above, throw in your own twist, but don’t stop adding to the thread with the hashtag



  1. The longer and bigger it is, definitely the better. And I’m talking about a Big screen and long lasting battery lol. The mighty L9 plus

  2. I first dey wonder say Wetin this one mean before I saw the Tecno L9 plus adverts. They know how to engage people before making huge announcements.

    • Yeah, I saw it all over my TL, pervs everywhere haha but when they finally revealed, it all made sense, bigger screen and the battery lasts longer, it’s a Tecno L series phone afterall.

    • Really? I think it’s the phone that is bigger, it looks like the Phantom 6 Plus but has a better battery and is cheaper. The design is so sleek too

  3. Lol…But seriously i wouldn’t blame anyone for mistaking the headline to mean something else. I mean look at the picture lol.

  4. These people that will be making people horny Lol not knowing that it’s about a phone that lasts long (Not in bed hehe)


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