Barber who uses flames to straighten hair

A barber from Palestine has shocked the world with his bizarre technique of using large flames to straighten his clients’ hair.

Ramadan Edwan, 37, has adopted the blazing technique instead of using blowdryers, due to the lack of electricity at his salon in the southern Gaza Strip.


He begins by pouring flammable powder and liquid on the customer’s hair before setting it on fire with a lighter, according to Mid-Day.

The barber then uses a pair of combs to style the hair through the flames until the look is set.

Edwan’s technique has drawn large crowds to his barber shop to witness the flaming haircuts, but he is not the only barber to use fire for styling hair.

A barber in India has been known to use a similar technique and Spanish hairstylist Alberto Olmedo uses both flames and large swords to keep his customers looking stylish.


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